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Today the photos come from your digital cameras with several megabytes and huge dimensions. Therefore, the upload can be a waiting game or even bring the process to a halt. To speed up the uploading of your photos we recommend that you resize your photos before the upload to a width of about 1024 or 800 pixels.

There are two really easy to use programs that allow you to resize your photos. This will save you time and sweat...

>> TinyPic Download   Virus free from Softronic
>> FotoSizer Download   Virus free from Softronic
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If you can't find your street or soi on the map, just set the marker to your location and we will add the missing street or soi to the map within 24 hours.

    To find your coordinates please click here.

If you offer accommodation like hotels, resorts, or guesthouses you should enter your price range price range here :
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